Extended Sign up

We are pleased to announce that we have already started to gather a number of Pre Orders from households in the village.

Please remember this is your opportunity to secure the long term Broadband future for the whole of Bulmer. 

This is not about delivering better broadband to just a few houses, nor is it about a sticking plaster solution of 80Mbps speed today.  This is a project to deliver 1,000 (yes one thousand!) Mbps speeds to each house in the village and so future proofing the broadband needs of the village for decades to come – not to mention driving up the value of your house as a result! (You don’t have to choose the 1,000 Mbps service as we have 5 service tariffs on offer – see the Prices page)

But, in order to do this we need to secure Pre Orders from a minimum of 88 houses.  We are not there yet, and if we cannot achieve this figure then we cannot start the project.

If you have any doubts or queries about our plans please call us on 01376 562002 because if you would like Bulmer to benefit from the fastest, most stable, most reliable and best broadband on offer you will need to sign up and ask your neighbours to do the same – and let’s get better connected.