We are so very nearly at the 30% target…

The good news is that we are almost at the 30% target so the project is very close to starting.

This means if you have not yet pre ordered your service then time is running out to benefit from the free connection offer.

The Free Connection pre order offer:

  • County Broadband have offered to pay the standard connection fee of £225 for the first 30% of all orders received for the fibre service,
  • You can also benefit from 3 month’s free phone service if you order a phone service from County Broadband (and you get to keep your current number)
  • You don’t pay for anything until we have built the network and connected your property
  • If we cannot connect your property for the standard £225 (which we are offering to pay for) then you have the right to cancel the pre order agreement.

You basically don’t have anything to lose by signing up now, so please click the Pre order button and claim your free connection.

Let’s get better connected!