We have a project!

Champagne bottles ready for pary
Chill the fizz we have a live project!

Great news!

We have passed the 30% target of Pre Orders for our Fibre to the Home broadband project.

This means we can now plan the network build – we are LIVE !

This is fantastic news and we want to thank everyone who has registered their support for the project.

We will now undertake a detailed planning phase where we will look at how we bring the service to you all, and investigate how we can deliver the service to some of those more difficult and remote locations.  The whole planning process will take around 6-8 weeks so please bear with us.

However, please don’t stop spreading the word as we would like to connect as many people at the start of the project as possible.  To that end we are extremeley happy to announce that we are extending the Free Standard Installation and 3 free months of phone offer until 22nd June 2018. 

So keep talking about it with your friends and neighbours and we look forward to starting the build phase of the project as soon as we can.